Biden Promises Harris-Biden Will Rejoin The WHO

Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden promised Tuesday that if he’s elected president, he’ll rejoin the World Health Organization. This, after President Donald Trump’s earlier in the day announced that the United States would begin moving to withdraw from the agency, which Trump has dubbed a Chinese puppet that too readily accepted Beijing data on the early spread of the coronavirus.

Not long after Biden’s statement, though, Vice President Mike Pence hit back, siding with the administration and saying he wasn’t surprised that the former VP “wants to keep us roped into another international organization.” 

Pence quickly panned Biden’s comments, telling Fox News’ Bret Baier that Biden also condemned Trump’s actions when he suspended travel from China at the end of January. That, he said, bought the nation valuable time to “reinvent testing,” invest in personal protective equipment and begin the process of pursuing therapies and vaccines for the coronavirus.

Said Pence, “If Joe Biden would’ve had his way we literally would’ve had tens of millions of more Chinese coming into our country and spreading the pandemic and putting more and more Americans at risk.”

Trump in April said his administration halted funding to the WHO, accusing it of mismanaging and covering up the coronavirus crisis on behalf of China. 

Source: Biden Promises to Keep WHO; Pence Hits Back |

Vice President Mike Pence has also been declared an enemy of LGBT rights (apparently he’s alright with the Kids and the +s) by so you should probably not listen to anything he says any longer and he shouldn’t be allowed to say anything about anything. And whenever Mike Pence is not the Vice President, he should be banned from twitter and should not be able to get another job anywhere for being intolerant.

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