How Long Did It Take To Develop An Effective Safe Vaccine

Wayne Greene: Tulsa doctors worry about what happens if too few people line up for COVID-19 vaccination

Hell No!: Can I stop wearing a mask after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?

Wolf Cites “seriously flawed” Mask Study That “should be retracted” For His Universal Masking Edict

“Study after study indicates the effectiveness of mask-wearing to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to keep the curve of cases flattened,” Gov. Wolf said. “That’s why we are requiring masks when in public.”


“According to [Levine and Wolf] a recent, comprehensive study published in The Lancet and funded by the World Health Organization… face mask use could result in a large reduction in risk of infection from COVID-19.”

WHO Mask Study Seriously Flawed – Swiss Policy Research

As shown in this analysis, the WHO-commissioned meta-study on the effectiveness of facemasks and social distancing, published in The Lancet, is seriously flawed and should be retracted. Health authorities may want to reconsider their Covid-19 policy guidelines. See also: Are face masks effective?

A Centers for Disease Control report released in September shows that masks and face coverings are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19, even for those people who consistently wear…

Major Study Finds Masks Don’t Reduce COVID-19 Infection Rates

A study touting the effectiveness of face mask mandates in slowing the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus has been retracted by its authors. An update to the study notes that cases of the virus have continued to rise in areas the researchers analyzed.

NC Gov. Roy Cooper issues mandate requiring face masks in …

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