A Member Of “The Expert Class” Explains Why Americans “In The Rural Parts Of America” Are So Stupid…

…Says “The Expert Class” “Have To Do A Better Job Of Reaching Out” And “Establishing Relationships” With Dirt People

Great news and so darn exciting for the dirt people that David Brooks not only has not given up on them yet, he has even offered to help them find their way.

What are the chances that David ‘the expert” Brooks has ever started a lawn mower, checked the oil in a vehicle or picked up a snow shovel in his entire life?

“A lot of people in the expert class live in blue cities who are thriving,” he claimed. “And a lot of people left behind in the rural parts of America, they feel threatened economically, culturally, socially and they have no contact with the expert class.”

He went on to contend that “those of us in the expert class – journalism and academia – have to do a better job of reaching out in post-Trump, establishing relationships and showing some respect,” David Brooks said.

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