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New Jersey lawmakers advance bill to stop police from being fired for making too few arrests

Posted by: Gregory Hoyt|December 14, 2020

NEW JERSEY – A piece of legislation that was proposed back in February of 2020, was advanced on December 11th by lawmakers in New Jersey. This proposal would ban police departments from evaluating officers based upon the number of arrests or citations they issue. 

N.J. cops won’t face being fired for making too few arrests under bill approved by lawmakers https://t.co/69XEhJ0mqH pic.twitter.com/UNi8EjikYN

— NJ.com Politics (@NJ_Politics) December 13, 2020

There’s an old expression that, while cliché, still rings true, “quality over quantity.” 

 The New Jersey Senate bill 1322 hosts that very sentiment. 

The language from the proposal’s “statement” reads as follows: 

“This bill prohibits law enforcement agencies from using the volume of an officer’s arrests or citations as a factor when evaluating that officer’s overall performance or when making personnel determinations such as promotions, demotions and other benefits of employment.”

“The bill provides that a law enforcement agency may collect, analyze and apply information concerning the number of arrests and citations for the purpose of forwarding that information to the Superintendent of State Police for inclusion in the Uniform Crime Report.”


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