What We Are Supposed To Care About: Tiff Over Who Is “actually the first ‘out’ gay cabinet member in the country’s history”

“I promise you, it’ll be the single-most diverse Cabinet based on race, colour, based on gender, that’s ever existed in the United States of America,” Joe “China” Biden said.

PC Poker: Call, got a full house a black, a brown, a green, a yellow, an L, a G, a B, a T, a Q and two pluses.

Don’t Worry About ChinaCheck The Boxes

Biden boosters’ bid to erase first ‘out’ cabinet member …

Ric Grenell, who served as acting director of national intelligence for three months under President Donald Trump, was actually the first ‘out’ gay cabinet member in the country’s history, a reality that was neatly papered over even by media outlets that had heralded Grenell’s groundbreaking appointment in February.

Is He Qualified? Check off “G”. He Married A Man.

Biden points to ‘precedent-busting appointments’ as he rolls out Buttigieg pick. The former South Bend mayor is a rising Democratic star but has a thin transportation track record.

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