Ann Coulter Takes A Look At The Breonna Taylor Case Who The Lying Hit & Run National Media Turned Into An “innocent black woman” To Use In Their Anti-Police Agenda

‘We fought for you. It is now your turn to fight for us’: Breonna Taylor’s mom writes to Biden

Breonna Taylor: The True Story of a BLM Hero

December 16, 2020 by Ann Coulter

Hey, guys, I found out the true facts in the Breonna Taylor case!

Remember the “botched raid” (New York Times) on Breonna’s apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, last March, when police officers killed this innocent black woman as she slept peacefully in her bed?

Yes, apparently, without announcing themselves, the police smashed in the front door of the WRONG APARTMENT. Their warrant was for a man Breonna had dated eons ago and barely knew anymore, and whom they already had in custody! Assuming the police were home invaders, Breonna’s boyfriend pulled out a gun — again, police were at the WRONG APARTMENT — whereupon the officers opened fire, killing Breonna and wounding one of their own in friendly fire.

You probably won’t believe this, but it turns out, none of that is true.


Although all the warrants were written as “no-knock” to protect the officers and prevent the destruction of evidence, the police did knock and announce themselves at Breonna’s apartment. The officers say so, and at least one brave neighbor broke with “the community” to admit he heard the police announce themselves.

The media make the inane point that a dozen neighbors didn’t hear the police announce themselves. Even assuming they’re telling the truth, that proves: A dozen neighbors didn’t hear the police announce themselves. It doesn’t prove that the officers didn’t announce themselves. (This is why there are LSATs to get into law school.)


Virginia governor admits to KKK/blackface yearbook photo …

Breonna Taylor’s aunts watch Virginia governor sign ‘Breonna’s Law’ banning no-knock warrants

The [Virginia] legislation is named “Breonna’s Law” in honor of Breonna Taylor, an unarmed Black woman who was killed when police initiated a no-knock search warrant at her Kentucky home…

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