No You Don’t: “I understand the importance of free speech, but… It should take into consideration the opinion of the whole community…”

What’s “the opinion of the whole community” with burning an American Flag? Or burning an LGBTQABC+ flag which could get you 15 years in jail because that flag is protected by the government. So while burning a symbol of a protected class, the “gay pride flag”, is considered hate speech; burning the flag of our country, an American Flag, is considered free speech. Not too sure that the “whole community” agrees with that.

The inviolate Pennsylvania Secretary of Health

‘Don’t Let A Man In A Dress Rule Us’: Highway Sign Mocking PA Health Secretary Draws Criticism

A sign along U.S. Highway 19 entering the town of Waterford in Eric County created quite a stir of responses on social media this week as it mocked Pennsylvania Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine.

The message on the sign reads, “Don’t let a man in a dress rule us Waterford!” The Washington Times reported. Dr. Levine, who was born Richard Levine and had two children before transitioning to a female in 2011, has been the recipient of public scrutiny in regards to many of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 restrictions.


George Orwell — ‘During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.’

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