“Antifa scumbags” Pound On Senator’s Door Threatening “wife and newborn daughter” Or As Described By The Washington ComPost “activists… staged a peaceful vigil…”

If things continue on its current course… someday soon they will come for them. And when the mostly peaceful mob drags them and their family out of their house while staging a mostly “peaceful vigil”, No One will answer their screams or be coming to their rescue. Then as their cherished activists consume their own; they will sob their final words, “But, but, but… I’m on your side!”

Hawley: Washington Post printed ‘outright lies’ to defend ‘Antifa scumbags’ who congregated at his home

Paper reported that ‘activists said they had staged a peaceful vigil’

By Brian Flood | Fox News – January 5, 2021

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., blasted the Washington Post on Tuesday, accusing the newspaper of “printing outright lies” and falsely painting Antifa violence outside his home as a peaceful vigil.

Hawley said late Monday that “Antifa scumbags” arrived at his Washington, D.C., home and threatened his wife and newborn daughter while he was in his home state of Missouri.

Hawley was the first Republican senator to announce he plans to raise objections when Congress meets this week for the final certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s win. Those outside his home were seen on video criticizing him of trying to derail Biden’s victory. He described a terrifying situation.


The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that “activists said they had staged a peaceful vigil… on the sidewalk in a Northern Virginia suburb.” The liberal paper then noted that Hawley “had a different description for the scene outside his family’s home,” noting that the Republican lawmaker called it “leftwing violence.”


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