CNN And Big Media Doesn’t Seem To Approve At All Of This Peaceful Protest In Contrast To The Looting And Rioting By BLM And Antifa Which They Understood And Defended

While not condoning violence whatsoever

A terrible message was heard loud and clear in 2020 – if you have real or perceived grievances and seek immediate relief – take to the streets. We witnessed an incredible 100 nights of riots in Portland, and the autonomous zone “CHAZ” in Seattle for 35 days and the Minneapolis Third Precinct police station set on fire after being ordered by the mayor to surrender the station to the mob. And time and time again Mayors ordered police to “stand-down”. If you were offended by a monument or statue, destroy it or tear it down with impunity. These criminal acts we witnessed for nights resulted in criminals obtaining many of their demands, while news readers and politicians voiced support for them and their causes.

Electoral vote: US Capitol Building on lockdown as pro-Trump protesters clash with police

MassLive|6 minutes ago Supporters of the self-proclaimed “law and order” president have prompted a lockdown of the U.S. Capitol building after clashing with police.

CNN’s Lemon defends Antifa

CNN’s Don Lemon… appeared to defend Antifa…, praising the group as “fighting racist fascists” while adding “no organization is perfect”

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