“If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it.”

BLM Leader: If U.S. Doesn’t Give Us What We Want, We Will Burn Down …

Jun 24, 2020 – We go in and we blow up countries and we replace their leaders with leaders who we like. So for any American to accuse us of being violent is extremely hypocritical. MACCALLUM: The only reason why I posed that first question to you the way that I did is I watched you talking on a bunch of different interviews today and you said, “burn it down.”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf marches in solidarity with BLM while his lockdown orders were in effect

Nolte: BLM Riots Are Most Costly Manmade Damage to U.S …

Sep 16, 2020 – Meaning, previous riots, like the 1992 Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles, cost $775 million in 1992 dollars. That adds up to $1.42 billion today, which is still lower than the $2 billion Black Lives Matter Riots estimate — which again only covers eight or nine days of rioting that has never really stopped.

Below is a comprehensive list in alphabetical order of all the left-wing politicians, news readers and pundits who condemned BLM and Antifa riots or the threat to “burn down the system” “If this country doesn’t give us what we want…”


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