James O’Keefe @Project_Veritas tweets Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The mainstream media has attempted to destroy O’Keefe for wearing the enemy jersey. Unlike the MSM he’s been very credible.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Overheard on Amtrak …

Bloomberg.com: 7 days ago O’Keefe posted a photo of himself on social media marching near the Washington Monument on Wednesday and also tweeted, “I am in DC today meeting with many like you,” encouraging federal government…

As Parler continues to take users from Twitter, Jack Dorsey was forced to make a Parler account and beg users to go back to his obsolete platform.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was roundly ripped on his own platform for posting a tweet early Sunday morning that seemed to be making fun of rival network Parler’s deplatforming. After Parler’s popularity grew following the deactivation of President Donald Trump’s Twitter account and a massive purge of other conservative accounts, both Apple and …

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