With Perhaps The Most Anti-2nd Amendment Candidate Ever Running For President Kneecapping The NRA Was Brilliant

Gun sales in Pennsylvania have hit an all-time high

Joe Biden promises to ‘defeat the NRA’ – Washington Times

NY Attorney General AG Letitia James sues to break up NRA

Aug 6, 2020 – Top executives at the National Rifle Association siphoned millions of dollars and otherwise flouted non-profit rules to fund lavish lifestyles including trips to the Bahamas and Africa, New York’s…

I’m An Activist Attorney General I Don’t Play By Your Rules

16 Republican AGs File Brief Supporting NRA Against NY AG

Dec 24, 2020 – In the brief, Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge wrote, “The New York Attorney General cannot be allowed to wield the power of her office to discriminate against the NRA simply because she does not like its members’ political views, advocacy or defense of a constitutional right.”

Joe Biden Admits It — He’s Coming for Your Guns

Imagine if a Republican attorney general in some commonwealth or state could have neutralized Fakebook three months before the election.

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