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Here They Come Biden Spoke They Heard

Just Way Too Dangerous For Americans To Congregate With Their Families But Not Too Dangerous To Invite Thousands Of Families Into America

You’re about to get some new neighbors and American school children are about to get some new third world classmates. But not to worry they won’t get into the U.S. Capitol which is secured with 25,000 vetted U.S. Troops surrounded by 7-foot non-scalable fencing topped with concertina wire.

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The FBI Does Background Checks On Congress’ Praetorian Guard Of 25,000 United States Military Members While Congress Does No Background Checks On Chinese Interns

Pelosi Backs Swalwell, Dismisses Concerns About Chinese …

She continued to say that despite a report claiming that China placed a spy in Swalwell’s office posing as an intern, “I don’t know that it means that we have background checks for every intern who comes into the Capitol.”

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25,000 National Guard troops deployed to Capitol

After George Floyd Retired diplomats, generals slam Trump over using U.S. military to ‘intimidate’ protesters “Misuse of the military for political purposes would weaken the fabric of our…

January 16, 2021- 25,000 National Guard troops deployed to Capitol as Biden inauguration looms

The U.S. Capitol and the U.S. border.

Razor wire surrounds US Capitol ahead of Biden inauguration

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