Here They Come Biden Spoke They Heard

Just Way Too Dangerous For Americans To Congregate With Their Families But Not Too Dangerous To Invite Thousands Of Families Into America

You’re about to get some new neighbors and American school children are about to get some new third world classmates. But not to worry they won’t get into the U.S. Capitol which is secured with 25,000 vetted U.S. Troops surrounded by 7-foot non-scalable fencing topped with concertina wire.

When you tell the world if you are elected President, on day one you will grant amnesty to 22 million you just invited millions more.

Biden promised amnesty for illegal aliens referred to in Newspeak as “a clear roadmap to citizenship”.

Biden has promised to create “a clear roadmap to citizenship” on his first day in office for 11 million living in the United States

It is estimated up to 8,000 US-bound migrants have crossed the border since Friday as advocates have called on Biden to honor his “commitments” to asylum seekers.

9000-strong migrant caravan streaming to US-Mexico border (Watch)

Biden told to give Honduran migrant caravan help as violence erupts in

PRESIDENT-elect Joe Biden’s aide has urged a Honduran migrant caravan not to come to the United States border to escape violence as “they won’t be let in right now.”

A senior Biden transition official, who has not been named, urged migrants to delay seeking asylum in the United States as the incoming president takes office.


Caravans had been a key part of Trump’s rhetoric as he pledged to take a tough line on illegal immigration into the US.

He described them as an “invasion” of America and implemented a policy of “zero tolerance”.

“Biden is a good person and isn’t the same as the administration that’s about to end. Trump has been selfish,” one man in the caravan said, reports AFP.

700 children crossed the U.S. border alone

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    Released a documentary on the

    Inauguration of Donald John Trump 2017

    Riots etc


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