One Lone Governor From The State of Texas Defends the Reputation of 25,000 U.S. National Guard Troops

Federal background checks on every American National Guard Troop guarding U.S. Capitol from Americans, no background checks on every Chinese intern. “I don’t know… that we have to do background checks for every intern who comes into the Capitol.” Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi recently said.

Standing by Swalwell, Pelosi says background check on every intern isn’t necessary

No background check either for “Rep. Eric Swalwell [who] had a sexual relationship with communist Chinese spy Fang Fang.” In 2015 the FBI alerted Swalwell that Fang was a spy, Swalwell then alerted Fang who then fled posthaste the U.S.

Fang helped Swalwell get elected in 2012, fundraised for him and “placed at least one intern in his office…

Outrage over FBI vetting of National Guard – Washington Times

12 National Guard members removed from inauguration; 2 made extremist statements

The officials, a senior intelligence official and an Army official briefed on the matter, did not say which fringe groups the Guard members belonged to…

Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard, confirmed that Guard members had been removed and sent home but he said only two cases were for inappropriate comments or texts related to the inauguration.

[Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard] nor Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman would provide details on the comments or texts made by the two Guard members.

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