Daily Archives: 1, January 22, 2021

Mission Accomplished: Pelosi’s Props No Longer Needed Relocated To Parking Garage

Horowitz: Caravans of young men head toward our border, as military is dispatched … against the American people

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While No Protests Occurred At Any State Capitol Or The U.S. Capitol Actual Real Riots Did Occur In Three American Cities According To Journalists In Britain

FBI memo warns of ‘armed protests’ at all 50 state capitols

Rantz: Mythical Antifa peacefully riot after saying they’d riot, catching Seattle, Portland off guard

Pelosi asked for “crew-manned machine guns” To Protect The Imperial City From White Supremacy

“…thousands of these troops was requested by the speaker through the Capitol Police.”

While 24 Were Shot in Chicago, City Sent 40 Cops to “Protect” Biden

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“A president who fairly wins an election doesn’t act this way.”

These people glorified violence when it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the streets looting and burning businesses and killing Americans like David Dorn. They had no use for the National Guard then, when by any practical definition it was a reasonable deployment of force.

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