“Four legs good, two legs better!”

Worth Every Penny In Case Anyone Was Wondering – 2021/01/25 – Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Highest Paid Employee In The Entire U.S. Federal Government

But Don’t Take Our Word Just Ask HimFauci on Fauci “With all due modesty, I think I’m pretty effective”

Video: Dr. Fauci Admits Face Masks Ineffective

“Do what we tell you to do all the time.” The Great Dr. Fauci, February 17, 2020

February 17, 2020 “[T]he danger of getting coronavirus now is just minusculely low.” Dr. Fauci

CDC study: 85% of COVID-19 cases in July were people who often or always wear masks

Anthony Fauci said eye coverings might eventually be recommended…

Does Fauci Oppose Mask Studies Because He Knows What They’ll Find?

May 27, 2020 – Fauci, I wear a mask “because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see…”

Apr 15, 2020 – Government coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says that heartsick isolationists can hook up with asymptomatic Tinder matches in real life

Photos: Dr. Anthony Fauci’s career under six US presidents

Fauci loses last shred of credibility after praising New York’s virus response: ‘Incompetent buffoon’

In a fawning June 2012 email, he gushed: “Wow. Very rarely does a speech bring me to tears, but this one did it. This was a bases-loaded home run. Please tell the Secretary [Hillary Clinton] that I love her more than ever.”

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