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How Reckless Those Canucks Are Crazy

Experts say kids can go sledding without masks

WKXW|3 hours ago That’s according to Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease consultant at Toronto General Hospital in an interview.

California Has Had Enough: Only CA Has More Severe China Flu Restrictions Than Pennsylvania As CA Gov. Recall Effort Grows

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Faces Recall Effort Amid Anger Over Covid-19 Restrictions

Facing possible recall, Newsom under fire from fellow Democrats over COVID-19 response

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“Governor Wolf in Pennsylvania and his health expert, Richard ‘Rachel’ Levine,” ordered “nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.”

8,000+ Nursing Home Residents and 49 Criminals Died in PA. Guess Which Group Democrats Care About

Fri Dec 18, 2020 Daniel Greenfield

One of the most important and least discussed coronavirus subjects in this election was the decision by Democrat governors to infect huge numbers of nursing home residents by forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.

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Newspeak: Speech Codes

Banned Speech: Questioning unconstitutional changes to election law, massive mail-in voting and/or numerous irregularities in the Presidential election can get you suspended from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Protected Speech on Youtube: Portland Activist Calls for ‘Abolition’ of the United States

Rob “Meathead” Reiner: ANYONE Who Questions Election Results Is ‘Committing Sedition and Treason’.

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Probation For Ex-FBI lawyer Since He Already Received “substantial penalties” “lost his job… earning $150,000 a year… may be disbarred… may never be able to work in the national security field again.”

“It’s not OK to lie to the FBI. Not even a little. It’s actually a crime.”

Roger Stone sentenced to 3 years for lying, federal prosecutors sought up to 9 years

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report in December 2019 criticized the Justice Department and the FBI for at least 17 “significant errors and omissions” related to the FISA warrants

Devin Nunes rips ‘two-tiered system’ after ex-FBI lawyer dodges prison time for Carter Page email deception

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‘C.S. Lewis “dread[ed] government in the name of science” even more. For him, the connection was clear: “That is how tyrannies come in.”’

On September 26, presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted: “If I’m elected, I won’t wait to take action on COVID-19. Minutes after the race is called, I’ll call Dr. Fauci…”

Biden Says He Would Tell Governors To ‘Listen To Dr. Fauci …

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In 2020 epidemic of “systemic racism” and “eleven major cities… set new record for homicides in a single year”

Though impossible to quantify President Joe Biden stated, “The fact is systemic racism touches every facet of American life.” Conversely easily quantifiable, homicides in 2020 reached epic proportions touching many American’s life.

A U.S. attorney in Pennsylvania argued the Philadelphia district attorney “has no interest” in holding people accountable for urban destruction.

Since at least 2018, George Soros and his network have spent over $100 million to elect prosecutors who favor catch-and-release policing.

A Record Increase in Murder in 2020

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, January 22, 2020

In 2020, major media covered COVID-19, the election, and “systemic racism” heavily, but mostly ignored the rise in crime.

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