Bookvar Demeaned The Office of Pennsylvania Secretary of State

“Using the title ‘President’ before the word ‘Trump’ really demeans the office of the presidency…” Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar

Meet Pa. Sec. Kathy Boockvar: Her job is to secure Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election

“Now, as we see Secretary Boockvar fail to do even the simplest and most basic task to help Pennsylvanians who have been victimized, we see exactly how little this administration actually cared. It was never about people; it was always just about politics.” Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, R-Centre

But Ms. Boockvar’s department failed its constitutional duty after the first session the bill passed — which was to advertise the amendment in two newspapers in each of the state’s counties where that was possible.

“I mean, this is as ordinary as rain,” said Duquesne University constitutional law professor Bruce Ledewitz of the advertisement process, which he said is so automatic that he’s never heard of a failure like this happening.

Kathy Boockvar to resign as Pa.’s secretary of state over amendment issue

Julian Routh and Peter Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Feb 1, 2021

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar will soon resign after her department failed to advertise an amendment to the state’s constitution extending the statute of limitations for child sex abuse victims to file actions in civil court against their abusers, Gov. Tom Wolf announced Monday.

Her resignation will take effect Friday, Mr. Wolf said.

The omission is a stunning setback in an effort by victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and others to gain a window of time in which they could sue over abuse that happened years or decades ago, beyond what the current statute of limitations allows.

The effort, building on grand jury reports in 2016 and 2018 on the long histories of abuse in Catholic dioceses around the state, would have enabled victims to sue dioceses or others deemed complicit in the abuse. 

“We trusted the process, and it failed us again,” said James Faluszczak, a former priest of the Diocese of Erie and himself a survivor of clergy sexual abuse, who was a witness before a grand jury that issued a report on six dioceses in 2018.”

The department was constitutionally required to advertise the proposed constitutional amendment — which voters would have eventually decided at the ballot box — in each of the three months before the 2020 general election, but never did, Mr. Wolf’s office said in a statement.


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