Florida’s Gov. vis-à-vis Pennsylvania’s Gov.

Florida Governor has priorities: opening Florida and so does the Pennsylvania Governor: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Makes Marijuana Legalization A Priority For 2021 and proposes Pa.’s biggest tax increase ever

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: “Every Floridian has the right to earn a living. Florida is open, and we’ve got your back.”

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf: I have the right to decide who earns a living. Pennsylvania is closed, and I have BLMs back.

“The virus is what’s doing this. It’s not me. It’s not the administration. It’s not the government,” PA Gov. Thomas Westerman Wolf

“The virus makes the rules,” PA Governor Thomas Westerman Wolf

“The virus is out to get us.” PA Gov. Thomas Westerman Wolf

“You do what you want.” BLM supporter and PA Gov. Tom Wolf

“I’m sort of thinking…” PA Gov. Thomas Westerman Wolf

“We have the data…” “We can’t tell you…” PA Gov. Thomas Westerman Wolf

Levine and Wolf punish Lebanon County for disobedience ‘Total payback’

Shrouded In Secrecy Levine and Wolf Picked Winners And Losers

Question and answer(?) from the April 24, 2020 Pennsylvania’s daily Chinese Wu-Flu death update

PA health department director of communications: From WTAJ, from an independent appliance store, this is a yes or no question. Are appliances essential? And if yes why are area appliance stores [unintelligible] I’m sorry why are area… [the questioner was attempting to ask, if appliances are essential, why are appliance stores not allowed to be open and if no why is Lowes and Home Depot allowed to remain open? She may have gotten a little nervous asking her boss this one.]

Gov. Wolf: Actually Lowes and Home Depot are open because they sell essential services. Things that people need to keep their houses in order or clean. Uh… they… uh… uh… are open because of that. Again May 8 is when we start to reopen. Uh… Pennsylvania and uh… if you are not selling online uh… that’s the uh date that the uh… and places of business and parts of the commonwealth will be open.

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