Trump Gone Oligarchs Declare Freshman Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Most Dangerous Republican In The Imperial City

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Congress The News Media Is ‘Just As Guilty As QAnon’

Marjorie Taylor Greene told Congress Thursday that she turned away from media sources like CNN and Fox News Channel because she believed they couldn’t be trusted. “I realized, just watching CNN or Fox News I may not find the truth.

Marjorie Taylor Greene backs legislation to ban Pride flags at U.S. embassies

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Black Lives Matter ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against President Biden

President-elect Joe Biden – “bought off by foreign governments, Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies” – should be impeached when he takes office, according to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

Oligarchy Declares War On Greene Moves To Destroy

Twitter suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon-backing

House Democrats file resolution to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of committee assignments

Right-Wing Groups Denounce Marjorie Taylor Greene

Mitch McConnell condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene, defends Liz Cheney

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