Biden’s and the Democrats’ Transgender Agenda

In our new SJW woke era “respecting the rights of all students” will allow boys to participate in girl’s sports and shower in girl’s locker rooms if Biden has his way. What could possibly go wrong?

When a young girl is raped by a boy who suddenly decides he’s a boy again, Joe Biden and Cardona will not be held accountable or appear at any court proceedings, but the parents should understand the boy had a “right”, unbeknownst for centuries, to be in that girl’s shower.

“Completely Bizarre”

Rand Paul presses education secy nominee on transgender athletes

“The vast majority of Americans just wondering who are these people that think it’s OK? From what planet are you from?” Senator Rand Paul on Biden’s transgender agenda

[Candidate] Biden Pushes Transgender Activism for 8-Year-Old Kids

Biden revokes Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military

China pushes to combat ‘feminisation’ of male youths while encouraging masculinity

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