It’s A Secret Says PA Gov. Tom Wolf The Same As His “non-essential business” Waiver Process He Used To Unilaterally Destroy An Untold Number Of Businesses Forever

It’s Good To Be King

‘A slap in the face’ to abuse survivors

the Wolf administration has declined to provide additional details of exactly what occurred, how it happened, who else was responsible for the error, and whether any other disciplinary action or terminations had resulted.

Wolf administration refuses to release details after failure derails Pa. clergy sex abuse relief

by Gant Team Thursday, February 11, 2021 / by Angela Couloumbis of Spotlight PA

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HARRISBURG — The Wolf administration had no system in place to prevent an apparent administrative mistake like the one that derailed a statewide vote on legal recourse for survivors of decades-old sexual abuse, Spotlight PA has learned.

Last week, the Department of State, which oversees elections, disclosed that it had failed to advertise the proposal as required by law. The error prevents the question from appearing on the ballot in May.

The stunning admission devastated clergy sexual abuse survivors and others who are time-barred from bringing litigation under the statute of limitations, and led to the swift resignation of the agency’s top official, Kathy Boockvar.

But in the days that have followed, the Wolf administration has declined to provide additional details of exactly what occurred, how it happened, who else was responsible for the error, and whether any other disciplinary action or terminations had resulted.


The Republican Party of Pennsylvania has tried to pin some blame for the error on the state Attorney General’s Office, which is in charge of writing the language that eventually is posted at the polls and that explains, in detail, what the proposed amendment is.


In refusing to give details about why the error occurred, the Department of State cited Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision last week to ask the Office of State Inspector General to investigate the mistake. Inspector general reports are not released to the public, unless the governor directs them to be.

In late 2017, for instance, Wolf refused to make public a report by the Inspector General’s Office that examined whether the state’s former lieutenant governor, Mike Stack, and his wife had verbally abused and mistreated state employees assigned to work for them.

A spokesperson for Wolf, a Democrat who has frequently said transparency is a core priority, said the governor would work with the inspector general to make the results of the inquiry public. It is not known how long the investigation will take.


But the Department of State’s failure to advertise the proposal means survivors are back to square one. If the legislature wants to continue pursuing the constitutional amendment, it must begin the process again, meaning the question won’t be before the voters until 2023 at the earliest.


State agency bungles ballot referendum for child sex victims

A proposed Pennsylvania state constitutional amendment allowing lawsuits for otherwise outdated child sexual abuse claims was not advertised as required, delaying the necessary voter referendum for at least two years,

‘A slap in the face’ to abuse survivors: PA advocates want action after Boockvar’s office error

Fiasco At Pennsylvania State Department Leads To Secretary …

Both Wolf and Boockvar apologized to survivors, but that’s not enough, says Shapiro. “As a result of that failure, survivors are going to have to wait for justice, and I think it’s on …

Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration injured victims of childhood sexual assault. And they’ve further threatened voter enfranchisement in the process.

Gov. Tom Wolf’s former business keeps operating during …

15,000 businesses ask for waivers to state closure order …

Gov. Tom Wolf rejects GOP subpoena for business waiver …

HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday rejected a subpoena by Republican lawmakers for records related to the administration’s coronavirus waiver process

Audit of Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID waiver system reveals flaws.

Wolf’s COVID-19 waiver system is flawed

Wolf Home Products in York which was the Governor’s former family business and the waiver they received as suspect. This business is still open while direct competitors were force to close and will never reopen.

The big issue with all this is that it is not only the financial losses suffered by so businesses but the collateral damage. How many suicides, drug problems, divorces and other maladies were caused by these questionable procedures? I think the Wolf Administration, by stonewalling on the records kept on the decisions made in this process, has gotten the media off the trail of getting to the bottom of what happened here in Pennsylvania.

In a broader sense, this subjective and unfair process is exactly what I expect to happen when government is allowed to meddle too deeply in the private sector. This was a classic situation of unskilled government operators picking winners and losers.

A lot of issues like the waiver process developed I believe because Governor Wolf has seized emergency powers and continued to exercise these powers well past the intended time frame that the legislature intended. This must be reformed.

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