From The Free State Of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Responds To Open Borders Biden On Proposed Florida Travel Restrictions On Americans

Tom Cotton: Biden is Keeping U.S. Closed But Leaving the border open for illegal aliens

Cotton: Biden May Require COVID Tests for Americans but not illegal aliens

4 days ago No coronavirus testing is required for their release. After the Biden administration suspended the Remain in Mexico policy — which cut asylum fraud and reduced illegal immigration — the Catch and Release program has been revitalized where border crossers are apprehended, processed, and then promptly released into the U.S. interior.

Biden looks to shut down travel to Florida – Washington Times

Feb. 11, 2021 The Biden administration is considering imposing domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, fearing the spread of coronavirus mutations, the Miami Herald reported yesterday.

Biden immigration orders raise COVID-19 concerns at the border

Biden to Accept Trump-era Asylum Seekers at U.S.-Mexico Border

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