Shooting 1450 Hours “broad daylight” Philadelphia 8 Wounded

Feb. 18, 2021 – 8 wounded in Philadelphia shooting; one arrested, two guns recovered

Eight people were shot “in broad daylight” Wednesday near a busy Philadelphia subway station, scattering pedestrians in fear, authorities said. Gunfire erupted about 2:50 p.m. near SEPTA’s Olney Transportation Center…

Questions that should be investigated and answered: 1) is the shooter a NRA member 2) is the shooter a White supremacist 3) is the shooter prior law enforcement or military 4) is the shooter a Trump supporter 5) is the gun a “weapon of war” 6) is there or has there ever been a NRA sticker displayed on the shooter’s vehicle 7) did the shooter ever post anything racist on social media?

Although very unlikely some additional questions worth investigating just for the heck of it: 1) is the shooter a felon 2) was the gun legally obtained 3) was the gun lawfully possessed 4) did the Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krazner ever help the shooter stay out or get out of jail 5) was the shooter bailed out of jail by the Philadelphia Eagles Social Justice Fund 6) approximately how many pages is the shooter’s rap sheet 7) has the shooter ever been a victim of systemic racism 8) did the shooter grow up in a household with a father present 9) has the shooter ever been convicted for a gun crime in the past, if yes how much of the sentence did the shooter complete?

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Psaki: Gun control a ‘priority,’ Biden ‘not afraid of standing up’ to the NRA

Biden’s Gun Control Claims at Odds With Crime Stats …

New survey finds Philadelphians feel police aren’t keeping them safe

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