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The Gulags Will Be Run By A Woman Of Color

Philadelphians Get Exactly What They Voted For Then Blame The Police For Getting Exactly What They Voted For

New survey finds Philadelphians feel police aren’t keeping them safe

How About Assigning Some Blame To The Tres Amigos Reformador Philadelphia Voted For:

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PennDOT Lists 9 Bridges It Is Considering Charging A Toll AKA A Tax

Pennsylvania lowered taxes by six tenths of a cent, but the state still has the highest gas taxes in the country.

1st Pennsylvania  58.7 cents per gallon, 2nd California: 53.5 cents per gallon, 49th Oklahoma: 17 cents per gallon, 50th Alaska: 12.3 cents per gallon.

Tolls considered for I-83 Bridge in Harrisburg; opponents call it ‘a new tax’

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Fresh Of His 2020 Victory In The U.S. Presidential Election ‘schoolyard bully’ Zuckerberg Tells The Country Of Australia You Obviously Don’t Know Who You’re F#&\ing With

“No company should have this much influence over access to journalism.” Jennifer Grygiel, a social media expert and professor at Syracuse University

Report Alleges Zuckerberg’s $419 Million ‘Improperly influenced 2020 presidential election…

Lawmakers in U.K., Canada Slam Facebook After Australia News Blackout

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