Daily Archives: 1, March 4, 2021

FBI intelligence report: 50,000 Three Percenters’ (or over 2 Divisions) Plan To Attack The Capitol Complex Around March 4 – 6

The bulletin describes the Three Percenters’ alleged goal of having 50,000 members from around the country travel to D.C. on or around March 4 through March 6 and participate in a plan to overrun law enforcement and the National Guard troops at or near the Capitol Complex

The FBI Knew Ahead of Time and Did Nothing About the Capitol Insurrection: Report

Capitol Police Says Militia Planning March 4 Attack; General Says Pentagon Took 3 Hours to Approve National Guard to Subdue Insurrection

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PSTA Statement on Wolf’s Refusal to Prioritize Troopers for Vaccination

COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Gov. Tom Wolf Formally Announces Teachers Can Jump The Line For Vaccine

PA State Troopers Association Issues Statement on Wolf Administration Refusal to Prioritize Troopers for Vaccination

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Trooper Donald C. Brackett

February 25, 2021

On May 18, 2019, Trooper Donald C. Brackett died in the line of duty, having served our commonwealth as a Trooper for nearly two decades. He previously served our nation as a U.S. Marine. He is a hero who will live in our hearts forever. 

Since that day, Trooper Brackett’s family has suffered immeasurably as our commonwealth continually denied them survivor benefits. In what can only be described as reprehensible, the state refused to acknowledge Trooper Brackett’s death as having occurred in the line of duty. The Pennsylvania State Troopers Association and our legal team began a long, protracted legal fight to provide Trooper Brackett’s family with the benefits they deserve, as well as Trooper Brackett’s inclusion on our Pennsylvania State Police Memorial Wall, which he so obviously earned.

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