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In PA an outdoor venue with a capacity of 100 will now be allowed to have 20 (or 5 more) customers up from 15 the gov. has decreed

Maybe Wolf Has No Plan Because Wolf Has “No Plan” To Return To Full Capacity While He Is Governor

“How, after nearly [a] year of managing this pandemic, do we not have clear steps and metrics outlined to return businesses to full capacity? It’s a failure of leadership to not be planning…” said Tim Sudall, president of NACE in a press statement.

Jun 4, 2020 – Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) joined a large gathering of protesters in Harrisburg on Wednesday, just weeks after slamming local leaders and business owners as “cowardly” for moving to reopen their counties and businesses outside of his far-reaching lockdown orders.

Groups urge Gov. Wolf to open private events and weddings at 50% capacity

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Free State Vs. Lockdown State No Discernible Difference

A comparison of Florida and California show similar COVID-19 trends with some of the highest case numbers in the country, despite one state being mostly closed and the other completely open.

Fifteen states, including Florida, Iowa and Missouri, have either lifted or never implemented statewide mask mandates, leaving it up to counties to implement the rules, with Montana being the latest state to do so.

Other states that never implemented or have lifted mask mandates include Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee. Arizona only requires masks in certain settings.

These are the states reopening, rolling back mask mandates amid coronavirus pandemic

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All-Time Low Ratings For BLM/NBA Millionaires All-Star Game