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Residents Of Minneapolis’ Speak Out About Life In The “No Go Zone”

“I provided testimony to the 9/11 Commission and I have testified… on the nexus between immigration and national security”

March 16, 2021 – US officials have arrested four people at the Mexico border whose names match the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database since October, a new report revealed.. The Customs and Border Protection agency …


Biden’s Immigration Agenda Puts Americans Last

Biden’s decision to gut border security was a political one, which will make Americans less safe

March 10, 2021| 12:01 am Michael W. Cutler

During his presidential campaign Joe Biden promised to undo the Trump administration’s immigration policies, which aimed to restore integrity to the immigration system and protect public safety, national security, public health, and the jobs and wages of Americans. Successful measures had been implemented to deter illegal immigration and identify and deport criminal aliens—including members of highly violent transnational gangs such as the notorious MS-13.

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