It Was Fake News: “a newly surfaced recording has revealed the quotes attributed to Trump” and Reported By The Washington Compost and Repeated by “CNN, ABC News, NBC News and USA Today” “were false.”

Mar 28, 2017 – This is how you stop fake news – The Washington Post

Do your part to help “stop fake news”: If you read it in the Washington Compost, NYT, USA Today or hear it on CNN, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, et al., verify what they reported with a trustworthy source before repeating it and damaging your credibility.

Espousing Opinions And Pushing A Narrative

NEW POLL: Media Trust at an All-Time Low, Nearly 60% Think Press ‘More Concerned With Supporting an Ideology’ Than Informing Public

Numerous other US media outlets – including CNN, ABC News, NBC News and USA Today – all subsequently claimed that they had “confirmed” The Washington Post’s reporting.

‘The story was a hoax’: Donald Trump hits out after Washington Post admits it published false quotes

15 Mar, 2021 10:47 PM – By: Frank Chung

The Washington Post has published an astonishing retraction two months after a bombshell story about a phone call between then-US President Donald Trump and an elections investigator in Georgia.

The newspaper reported in January that Trump had spoken to Frances Watson in December, asking her to “find the fraud” in the state and that she would be a “national hero” if she did.

But a newly surfaced recording – which had been deleted from Watson’s device and was only recovered by officials responding to a freedom-of-information request – has revealed the quotes attributed to Trump, and relayed to media by an anonymous source, were false.


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