Biden Administration To Spend $86 Million Housing Migrants In Hotels

There is no cap on the number of foreign children who will be allowed into this country, a White House spokesman indicated on Wednesday: “Our policy continues to be, we are not going to send a 10-year-old back across the border,” Jen Psaki said. But in an interview with ABC News this week, President Biden said, “over 50 percent” of the children coming to the U.S. “are ages 16 and 17.”

Illegal immigrant children set monthly record as border …

Mar 10, 2021 – Across all demographics, Customs and Border Protection said it recorded more than 100,000 encounters with illegal immigrants.

In The USA: China Flu Still A Big Problem

3 Mar 2021 – “…stay vigilant,” Mr Biden said. “It’s not over yet.”

…a warning from top federal health officials last week not to ease up.

Mr Biden repeated that, saying: “We cannot let our guard down now or assure that victory is inevitable. We can’t assume that.”

The Biden administration has awarded an $86 million contract for hotel rooms near the border to hold around 1,200 migrant family members who cross the U.S.-Mexico border, DHS officials confirmed to Axios.

Around 1,200 migrant family members will be housed in the hotels as part of a contract awarded by administration, Axios reported Saturday. Illegal border crossings have surged since Biden took office, and detention facilities holding unaccompanied minors have reached capacity at the southern border.


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