Not Systemic But “a disturbing trend”: Teen Boys And Girls Committing Carjackings In The Shadows Of The U.S. Capitol Green Zone

Two teenage girls allegedly using a stun gun carjacked Pakistani Mohammad Anwar less than 1.5 miles outside the Green Zone.

Fatal carjacking of Uber Eats driver is part of disturbing trend in DC: cops

By Natalie O’Neill – March 28, 2021 | 9:24pm

Four teenage boys have been arrested for carjackings in Washington, DC, after a similar incident led to the death of an Uber Eats driver earlier this week, police said.

In what may be part of a disturbing trend, cops on Saturday busted two 13-year-old boys for two back-to-back armed carjackings — just days after two teenage girls were charged with murdering the Uber driver, the Metropolitan Police Department said in a press release.


On Thursday, two different boys, ages 13 and 14, were also arrested in the city for an armed carjacking, according to police.

In that case, one of the thieves opened a car door and assaulted a victim while another pulled a knife, police said. Cops said they then tracked the teens down and recovered the vehicle.

On Wednesday, two teenage girls were charged with murder for the ruthless killing of an Uber Eats driver, who they allegedly assaulted with a stun gun in another carjacking in the district.

The girls, ages 13 and 15, are accused of attacking the 66-year-old driver, Mohammad Anwar, who was driving near Nationals Park in the southeast section of the city.

Graphic video shows moment of deadly Uber Eats carjacking by teen girls

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