Maybe Enforce The Current “Common Sense” Gun Laws

Biden Urges ‘Common-Sense’ Gun Background Checks

Does anyone really believe Hunter Biden’s purchase of a firearm will be thoroughly investigated and charges filed if warranted? Biden was discharged from the Navy for cocaine use and by his own admission is a recovering a drug addict, therefore prohibited from legally purchasing the firearm he did. If accounts are correct, Biden violated current gun laws. Perhaps that’s why the Secret Service apparently attempted to disappear the purchase.

Even if Biden’s justice department for inexplicable reasons decides to do nothing with Biden’s illegal purchase of a handgun, rest assured the media will ferret out the truth. That’s the job of a free press.

It’s ‘Common Sense’ to Prosecute Hunter Biden for His Gun …

Hunter Biden reportedly violated federal gun laws. If Joe Biden were serious about wanting to increase gun restrictions, he would prosecute his son.

FBI: Dylann Roof Gun Purchase a Failure of Background Check…

Aurora, Illinois shooter wasn’t legally allowed to own gun

Lafayette shooter John Houser should have been denied gun …

The Air Force failed to notify the FBI six times of the man who shot and killed 26 people in a Texas church last year, allowing him to buy a gun when he should not have been able to

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