Coca-Cola And Other Global Corporations: Support Forced Labor In China – Oppose Voter Identification In Georgia, USA

Georgia’s law will require ID verification for absentee voters, and that’s all it takes to be compared to Jim Crow these days. What’s most notable here is that discourse is not allowed. Want voter ID in your home state? Well, now you have the president of the United States campaigning against you and quite literally attempting to damage your local economy. You can’t even send tweets that the mainstream media disagrees with or you risk being banned from all social media platforms at once.

SEN. GRAHAM, R-S.C.: Number one, these CEOs are full of crap. They’re running scared. Georgia is trying to make sure that everybody can vote legally. Georgia has a 17-day early voting period, including weekends. Delaware, where President Biden’s from, has no early voting. You don’t have to have a reason to cast an absentee ballot in Georgia. You just [have to] want to. So you can vote robustly in Georgia. But now you’ve got to prove you are who you are, and that’s driving the left crazy because it’s harder to cheat.

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