Illegal Aliens Being Flown And Bused To All “four corners of the U.S.” With No Background Checks No Court Dates No COVID Tests

The Biden administration is now flying the thousands of migrants out of McAllen, Texas. According to Jenn Pellegrino from OAN — 40% of the traffic is illegal aliens, paid for by your tax dollars.

Border Agents Are Releasing Illegals With no Court Date …

CBP Refuses to Give the Number of Illegal Aliens Released …

Catch-and-Bus: Thousands of Freed Border-Crossing …

The buses steadily rolling out of Del Rio represent a microcosm of a much broader aspect of the unfolding border crisis that has attracted limited coverage: Thousands of illegal border-crossers released under President Biden’s new leniency policy are now dispersing to four corners of the U.S. on buses.

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