On April 16 White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki States: “…too often in this country, law enforcement uses unnecessary force, too often resulting in the death of black and brown Americans.”

Must Be A Day That Ends In “Y” BIDEN Administration Attacks Law Enforcement Again

Outstanding leadership by President Joe Biden in full display when this week there have been peaceful riots with “more than 60 people… arrested in Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, amid the growing unrest throughout the country” and Chicago is currently a tinderbox.

Why not throw out a couple lit cigarettes? It’s what the Biden supporters voted for and obviously Biden believes is still beneficial to his administration. There is no way in Hell his press secretary would issue the same incendiary statement twice in three days if Joe from Scranton (or at least his advisors) thought otherwise. How does Biden once again condemning law enforcement this week benefit anyone but Biden? Will it assuage the peaceful rioters? No. Biden has made clear on numerous occasions his low opinion of law enforcement, for instance when he said to a black teenage girl in a black audience cops “don’t pull over white girls.” Does anyone including Biden think telling a black teenage girl essentially that all cops are racist will be helpful to her if she is ever involved in a traffic stop? What kind of person makes a statement like that? The kind of person who thinks it’ll help in an election and cares about nothing else.

Best to keep the people’s mind off the invasion at the border, Russia about to invade Ukraine, China with the largest navy in the world ready to reclaim Taiwan, vaccines totally safe, vaccines kind of safe, let’s pause administering that vaccine, even if you’re vaccinated nothing changes because they might not work and his ace in the hole Fauci bleeding what little credibility he has left daily.

So riots peaceful or not might not be so bad when you reside inside the Green Zone. But sad thing is Joe tossing lit cigarettes can get innocent people who live outside the Green Zone hurt or killed.

Psaki says police ‘too often’ use ‘unnecessary force’ in wake of Adam Toledo’s death

By Lia Eustachewich April 16, 2021

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday slammed law enforcement for “too often” using “unnecessary force” — as she was asked to weigh in on the police shooting of Adam Toledo in Chicago.

Psaki called the newly released video of the 13-year-old’s death “chilling,” adding that she wasn’t sure if President Biden had seen it yet.

At a press briefing, she said it served as a “reminder” that “too often in this country, law enforcement uses unnecessary force, too often resulting in the death of black and brown Americans.”

Authorities on Thursday released body camera footage of the deadly March 29 shooting showing Officer Eric Stillman chasing the seventh-grader through an alley while ordering him to stop and put his hands up.

Stillman, 34, also commands Toledo to drop the gun he’s carrying — and just as the teen turns around, Stillman fires a single shot, fatally striking Toledo.


“The president, again, has repeatedly said that he believes we need police reform,” Psaki said.


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