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Teacher And Basketball Coach Killed In Shootout With Mexican Drug Cartel… In North Carolina, U.S.A. <1,500 Miles From The Mexican Border

The New Normal Outside The Green Zone:

Former ICE Director: Every town, city and state is a border town now…

Biden ices ICE, 88% deportations stop, more liberal than Obama

Biden Releases Nearly 42K Border Crossers into U.S. Since …

Biden administration instructs ICE to ignore the law and their oath…

“I should be flattered people are coming because I’m the nice guy. That’s the reason why it’s happening is that I’m a decent man…” President of the United States of America Joe Biden on his open border policy.

Teacher Barney Harris was killed in a crazy shootout with a cartel. © Twitter / Alamance County Sheriff’s Office

High school basketball coach ‘killed in wild shootout after attempting to rob Mexican drug cartel’ in North Carolina

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CBS “News” Leaves Out One Small Detail Crops Gun Out Body Cam Video Of Officer Involved Shooting In Chicago

Jan 21, 2021 – Shocker: Trust in Media Reaches All Time Low

The CBS News article accompanying the cropped video did not directly acknowledge that Toledo was armed. Instead, the corporate media organization aired opposing claims from Eric Stillman, the law enforcement officer, who said he shot Toledo because he was “faced with a life-threatening and deadly force situation,” and Toledo’s family attorney, who claimed the gun was not in the teen’s hands when Stillman fired off a shot.

CBS News Edited Police Body Cam Video To Mask Teen Holding A Gun Before He Was Fatally Shot

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‘…armed teen, Adam Toledo, who was known in gang circles as “Lil’ Homicide” and “Bvby Diablo.”‘

“COVID? Gangbusters with ratings, right?… It’s fear. Fear really drives numbers [TV ratings]” CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester

PART 2: CNN Director Charlie Chester Reveals How Network Practices ‘Manipulation’ to ‘Change the World’: ‘There’s an Art to Manipulation…

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Brooklyn Center Mayor Talked To “peaceful protestors” In Suit, Tie And $300 Kevlar Helmet

14 Apr 21 – 79 People Arrested Following Third Night Of Protests Over …

“True ‘Compassion’ Requires Secure Borders and Stopping Illegal Immigration”

Nearly every major business and financial leader in this country is a supporter of the Democratic Party. They love illegal immigration for the simple reason that their livelihoods are subsidized by illegal immigration—while illegal aliens themselves are subsidized by the taxpayer. It’s a redistribution scheme from the poor to the rich. More immigration means lower wages for their workers and easier access to servants for their decadent personal lives.

It’s not racist to want a secure border, higher-paying jobs for our fellow citizens and a government that doesn’t allow human smugglers to earn billions of dollars on the plight of poor people. It’s not racist to want to keep meth and heroin (most of which comes in through Mexico) out of our aching communities’ bloodstream. And it’s not racist to prevent human traffickers from taking advantage of the desperate poor of Central America.

The people who echo those talking points should be shamed and dismissed. It’s not racist to refuse to do the bidding of America’s corporate oligarchy, and it’s not compassionate to create a crisis on both sides of our southern border.

True ‘Compassion’ Requires Secure Borders and Stopping Illegal Immigration | Opinion

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