Teacher And Basketball Coach Killed In Shootout With Mexican Drug Cartel… In North Carolina, U.S.A. <1,500 Miles From The Mexican Border

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Teacher Barney Harris was killed in a crazy shootout with a cartel. © Twitter / Alamance County Sheriff’s Office

High school basketball coach ‘killed in wild shootout after attempting to rob Mexican drug cartel’ in North Carolina

15 Apr, 2021 17:03 / Updated 22 hours ago

A community in North Carolina are mourning the death of a high school basketball coach and Spanish teacher who was reportedly killed in a gruesome shootout with a Mexican cartel.

Barney Harris, who worked at the Union Academy in Monroe, was shot dead while attempting to steal narcotics and money from the gang’s stash house, according to officials.

Leading a double life, Harris supposedly formed part of a rival criminal organization whose main purpose was robbing the Sinaloa New Generation Cartel. 

On April 8, as part of a “team of people”, Harris sneaked into a trailer park to relieve a stash house used by the cartel of its prized possessions.


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