Carroll Co., GA Sheriff releases dashcam video as chase suspect fires AK47 at deputy

If you are one of the 99%+ that live outside the Green Zone and are not afforded 24/7 armed protection for you and your family, really think these scumbags care about “the gun show loophole”, mag capacities, felons not to possess or own a firearm, universal background checks, or more “common sense” gun control laws. If they did probably wouldn’t be attempting to murder cops.

The incident has not and will not receive extensive coverage (unless perhaps an aspiring reporter does a deep dive into the social media accounts of the officers involved and uncovers a “racist” post from the sixth grade) but put all your money on it’s not the first time these fine young gentlemen have had a brush with the law.

” A picture is worth a thousand words “

Carroll Co. Sheriff releases dashcam video as chase suspect fires AK47 at deputy

The suspect, now identified as Pier Alexander Shelton, is seen opening fire using an AK47.

Author: Jason Braverman (11Alive) Published: 3:14 PM EDT April 14, 2021 Updated: 11:45 PM EDT April 14, 2021

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — WARNING: The video in this story, released by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, may be disturbing to some. It contains footage of a chase suspect firing an Ak47 at deputies and other officers. 

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office released dashcam video of a horrific exchange of gunfire between a chase suspect and multiple law enforcement officers. 

The video shows Carroll County deputy Jay Repetto along with Cpl. Jamison Troutt pull up to the suspect, now identified as Pier Alexander Shelton, as the suspect opens fire using an AK47. 

“I have seen a lot in my years. Watching this video sent chills up my spine,” an emotional Ashley Hulsey, who serves as the spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, said.


This all started with an attempted traffic stop when a trooper spotted a car going 111 mph on Interstate 20 early Monday morning. After the car was stopped, it sped off and a chase began with the state trooper. After a PIT maneuver, the driver regained control of the car and the passenger leaned out of the window and began firing shots at the trooper using an AK47. His patrol car became disabled.  


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