The Lying Times: Let The Cities Burn NYT Chooses Agenda Over Truth

We don’t live there, never been there, don’t plan on returning, we only drop in to cover the news.

For the first time ever, fewer than half of all Americans have trust in traditional media… 58% think that “most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.”

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”. Ian Fleming

CBS News crops pistol out of photo in Chicago shooting, NYT perpetuates air freshener narrative

The Facts:

Daunte Wright was pulled over for ‘expired license plate tags’. Wright had an active warrant out for his arrest for attempted aggravated robbery charges after ‘choking and holding a woman at gunpoint for $820 in 2019. Bail was originally set at $100k. Wright was released from jail after a bondsman posted $40,000 bond, but in July 2020, his bail was revoked by a judge when he was caught with a firearm, a violation of his bail.

The Lies:

Air Freshener Didn’t Trigger Police Stop, Chief Says” But Dishonest Media Prefers “Daunte Wright’s Mother Says Son Killed Over Air Freshener in Car

Even NBC News Concedes that “Daunte Wright was stopped for expired plates“, then opines absent any evidence “but driving while Black may have been his ‘crime'”

Daunte Wright Claimed He Was Stopped Over An Air Freshener. It Could Happen To You

Killed over a Car Air Freshener: Outrage Grows over Police Shooting of Daunte Wright in Minnesota

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