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Biden’s Prayers Answered – Jury Delivers “The Right Verdict” – Mob “A Very Happy Crowd”

Fox News reporter Mike Tobin:: “From what I heard from random members of the crowd, they don’t intend to bust-up the town tonight.”

Biden praying for ‘the right verdict’ in Chauvin trial

Associated Press|36 minutes ago – President Joe Biden said Tuesday he was “praying the verdict is the right verdict” in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. He said he believed the case, which had gone to the jury and put the nation on edge,

Derek Chauvin Faces 75 Years in Jail With Guilty Verdicts

Newsweek|23 minutes ago – Derek Chauvin was found guilty Tuesday on all charges. As a result, the former Minneapolis police officer faces up to 75 years in prison. Sentencing is expected to come in eight weeks. First a pre-sentencing report about Chauvin’s background must be produced.

Columbus, Ohio Police Involved Shooting: “Eyewitnesses said the victim was a Black teenager.”

Columbus Police Fatally Shoot a Person as Chauvin Guilty Verdict Comes Down

The Daily Beast|21 minutes ago – Just as Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder and manslaughter, Columbus police killed another person. Eyewitnesses said the victim was a Black teenager.

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PSYOPS: “YouTube CEO wins ‘Free Expression Award’ sponsored by YouTube”

YouTube CEO wins ‘Free Expression Award’ sponsored by YouTube, then boasts how platform censors content creators

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of Google’s video platform YouTube, was awarded the Freedom Forum Institute’s ‘Free Expression Award’ on Friday in a ceremony sponsored by her own company – despite YouTube’s track record of censorship. In the digital awards ceremony, YouTube video creator Molly …

YouTube CEO tells World Economic Forum Summit how the platform has ramped up its censorship efforts Susan Wojcicki explained how the platform has used new policies and machines to censor its users.

Minnesota Prepares In Case Of Wrong Jury Decision But Of Course Any Decision Might Not Be Enough To Satisfy The Mob

There are bricks and bottles and all forms of things that are being directed at the police,” Sen. Scott Newman

Protesters and journalists at the protests have also reported that law enforcement officers have used excessive force in efforts to vacate the area outside the Brooklyn Center police station.

Democrats… raised concerns about the state spending more money on law enforcement

Minnesota calls in out-of-state police back-up ahead of …

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Finding… I Mean Fighting White Supremacy Is Hard Real Hard But For Me It Was A Life’s Calling… The Pay…

…well… bet you ain’t ever flown in one of these… and never will.

Biden says parts of US are ‘backsliding into the days of Jim Crow’

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“On Jan 8, the New York Times published a report claiming Sicknick died following a blunt-force blow to the head from a fire extinguisher by rioters.”

“That theory [lie], which was cited as evidence in congressional Democrats’ impeachment proceedings was quietly dispelled as the trial wrapped up in the Senate.”

For the first time ever, fewer than half of all Americans have trust in traditional media… 58% think that “most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.”

New York Times quietly updates report on fire extinguisher striking Capitol Police officer

Report: Officer Sicknick Died Of Natural Causes, Discrediting NYT Fire Extinguisher Theory

April 19, 2021 By Tristan Justice

Former Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who passed away the day after the January 6 riot, suffered two strokes and died of natural causes, the Washington D.C. chief medical examiner revealed Monday, according to the Washington Post.

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“I am not sure about colors of skin of the victims or suspects, but there have been 10+ cops shot in the last few weeks. Where is that story?”

“#Antifa confronted & assaulted police in Portland. They tried to shut down the crime scene investigation of a man who was shot dead.”