“Nike, NBA Silent After LeBron James Tweets ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ at Columbus Cop”

NBA and LeBron’s hypocrisy on China is deafening

Nike, NBA Silent After LeBron James Tweets ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ at Columbus Cop Lakers star LeBron James’ sponsors and the league he plays for have remained silent in wake of his tweet targeting an Ohio police officer.breitbart.com

So after five days of histrionic media coverage, most of which lionized LeBron James for his response to racism, we still have zero public evidence that any crime actually happened and the Los Angeles police department only has one photo provided by someone at LeBron’s residence.

Despite the lack of evidence of whether a crime happened or not and zero evidence of who might have perpetrated this crime if it did happen, the NAACP has demanded that Donald Trump apologize to LeBron James.

LeBron James Alleges Racist Graffiti, Still Zero Evidence …

4 years ago – At 6:44 am on Wednesday morning, the day before the NBA Finals began, someone called police to report an incident of racist graffiti at LeBron James’s house. When police arrived the alleged racist graffiti had already been painted over and police were, according to the LAPD, provided a photo of what the graffiti on the gate had looked like.

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