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You Can’t Make This Up: Chicago Cops May Soon Require Permission To Engage In A Foot Pursuit

Chicago cops may soon need permission before chasing a on foot…

Chicago Police Department FOX32 Chicago – Mayor Lori Lightfoot is considering a momentous change to Chicago police procedure: requiring officers to get a supervisor’s permission before…

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Texas ignored Fauci’s advice on masks and social distancing – hospitalizations are down -42%

Even as the pandemic fades, Fauci won’t give up the spotlight

Dr. Anthony Fauci has tried to stay in the spotlight, even as his doomsday predictions for reopening states such as Texas have not come to pass. Now, he’s saying that gun violence is a public health issue, opening the door for him to continue his glowing media tour for the next four years.

Texas ignored Fauci’s advice on masks and social distancing mandates last month when Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the state would be “100 percent” open again, and statistics show COVID cases and hospitalizations in the Lone Star State are dropping.

Fauci: “Confusing” Why Texas COVID Rates Are Going Down

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