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Double Dog Dare To Take Off That Mask During A Virtual Meeting And Triple Dog Dare You To Display An American Flag Behind You

Joe Biden Wears Mask During Virtual Climate Summit with …

SCOTUS To Hear Schuylkill County, PA Free Speech Case

High court hears Mahanoy Area case Wednesday

U.S. Supreme Court ponders cheerleader’s profanity in free …

Brandi Levy, a former cheerleader at Mahanoy Area High School in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania and a key figure in a major U.S. case about free speech, poses in an undated photograph provided by the …

A Pennsylvania teenager whose profanity-laced outburst on social media got her banished from her high school’s cheerleading squad is in the spotlight at the U.S. Supreme Court this week, arguing “I shouldn’t have to be afraid to express myself.”

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Black Female ‘Driver says ‘f**k the police’ and downs shots before she ‘killed cop in a hit-and-run”

Victor Davis Hanson: The 10 radical new rules that are changing America

Victor Davis Hanson: The 10 radical new rules that are changing America

Americans privately fear these rules while publicly appearing to accept them

There are 10 new ideas that are changing America, maybe permanently. 


2. Laws are not necessarily binding anymore. Joe Biden took an oath to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” But he has willfully rendered federal immigration laws null and void. Some rioters are prosecuted for violating federal laws, others not so much. Arrests, prosecutions and trials are all fluid. Ideology governs when a law is still considered a law.

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Biden’s Reimagined Justice System

Biden’s plan to fight criminal justice system injustice

The cash bail system incarcerates people based on their inability to pay – sometimes small amounts. And it disproportionately harms Black and Brown people,” Biden stated

April 16, 2021

“How can this be normal? Is this what criminal justice reform is supposed to look like?” said one outraged cop familiar with the matter.

A rookie judge in Queens cut loose a reputed gang member whom investigators tracked down in North Carolina after a Valentine’s Day bar shooting — even though his defense lawyer called $50,000 bail “appropriate,” The Post has learned.

[Judge Denise] Johnson ordered him released without bail pending another court appearance on June 9, sources said.

Queens judge releases accused shooter even after lawyer called $50K bail ‘appropriate’

April 23, 2021

Earlier this month, prosecutors sought to have Newson locked up without bail to await trial in a Valentine’s Day bar shooting and attempted robbery in Queens. Newson went on the run following that incident and was tracked down at his mom’s home in Rocky Mount, NC.

Freed gang member goes on crime spree after injuring cop: sources

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