Bellevue Idaho Police Officer Who Ridiculed Cop Hater And NBA Employee Suspended

Officer who mocked LeBron James in TikTok video suspended without pay, local news reports complaint

April 29, 2021 | Vivek Saxena

An Idaho police officer who mocked NBA star LeBron James over the weekend for having made a fuss over a police shooting involving a suspect who’d been about to stab someone to death has allegedly been suspended and may now be under investigation.

Earlier this week, Deputy Nate Silvester with the Bellevue Marshal’s Office uploaded a parody video to his TikTok account that showed him calling James for consultation before intervening in an imaginary attempted stabbing occurring outside his cruiser.

According to The Idaho Mountain Express, a local newspaper based out of Hailey, after the video went viral, one  unnamed citizen who watched it filed a complaint against Silvester with the Marshal’s Office on Monday.


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