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Nashville, TN Officer Wounded In 911 Ambush

The spokesperson told WKRN: ‘On the 911 call you can hear [the suspect] saying that he’s scared the shots are continuing to be fired hurry, hurry, please get here in a hurry.’ 

Police said the gunman, identified as 22-year-old Salman Mohamed, shot Sherman in the left arm. 

Nashville cop wounded in ambush attack by gunman

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Biden’s CIA Recruitment Video Features: ‘a 36-year-old “cisgender millennial who’s been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder,” and “intersectional.”‘

Woke CIA recruitment video relentlessly MOCKED on social media

The woman, says she “used to struggle with imposter syndrome,” but had now embraced herself “unapologetically.”

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“When cities… insist on putting the interests of illegal aliens above those of their own citizenry, they have to be stopped.”

Report: Biden’s “Sanctuary Country” policy allowing illegal immigrant sex offenders to be freed onto American streets

This is huge: Court strikes down Indiana ‘sanctuary city’ that was trying to protect illegal immigrants

Posted by: K. Winters|

EAST CHICAGO, IN– Sanctuary policies across the country have made it safe for illegal aliens to commit major crimes in this country, and then go on to re-commit again without fear of deportation. 

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