Who Will Watch Olympics When Pampered U.S. Social Justice Warrior Athletes Are Banned From Displaying Their Disdain For The Country They’re Representing

Olympics Bans ‘Black Lives Matter’ Apparel, Again Threatens To Punish Athletes Who Protest…

Athletes will not be allowed to wear clothing with the slogan “Black Lives Matter” at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee has decided, reiterating that it plans to enforce the Games’ “Rule 50,” which bans political or social justice protests of any kind at the international athletic event set to take place in just a few weeks.

Olympics Committee Accused of Racism for “Black Lives …

U.S. Olympic Committee Will Allow Kneeling, Raised Fists at Trial Competition

36 days ago – The U.S. Olympic and … the committee outlined the types of actions that will be permitted, including kneeling during the National Anthem and raising a fist at the starting line or …

U.S. Olympic Committee Will Allow Athletes To Protest Against The U.S. While Representing The U.S. Around The World

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