On The Border: Joe From Scranton, “We’ve now gotten control.” / From Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar, “There is a border crisis, no ifs, no buts about it.”

Texas Democrat Knocks Biden for Claiming the Border Crisis Is Now Under Control

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) called out President Joe Biden during an interview with Fox News for recently claiming the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is now under control.

Cuellar noted Biden barely talked about the border and immigration during his address to Congress last week.

“There is a border crisis, no ifs, no buts about it. The numbers are still high.”

“I mean look at the people that they release on process control discretion, it’s about 8,500 people that they’ve released on the honor system and they’re not even part of the — have not been given a notice to appear, they’re not part of the immigration system,” he continued. “So to say that we have everything under control — you know I’m supportive of President Biden, I’m a supporter of his, but you know we’re not paying attention to the border’s communities and — and it’s — this is not under control, I can tell you that.”


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