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“Border In Chaos: 17 Texas Counties Declare Emergencies, Border Patrol Dismantles Multiple Human Smuggling Operations”

Border Patrol Chief Makes Huge Revelation Days After Biden Declared Crisis Under Control…

Biden’s border crisis continues to get worse by the day.

A new report reveals that the administration is apprehending nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants a day at the U.S.-Mexico border. [6,000 X 365 = 2,190,000 or about the population of the 4th largest U.S. city Houston, TX (Population: 2,378,146)]

And that number doesn’t even include the illegal aliens who are getting into the country through fraudulent and other sneaky ways.

Based on Biden’s Performance So Far, There’s Trouble Ahead for Democrats

Reimagined Policing In Plano, Texas

Most likely the majority of law abiding citizens who were having their lives disrupted support or want to support the police while the BLM mob are avowed cop-haters.

The good news for the Plano PD is Biden’s DOJ will not be announcing a “pattern and practice” investigation of their police department. Then again maybe the DOJ will investigate why the motorist, and all the others who couldn’t get to where they were going (who cares where they wanted to go), was not arrested for disrupting a BLM roadblock ’cause White supremacy and racism.

WATCH: Furious motorist tries to single-handedly fight BLM …

At this point, it appears that one of the activists draws a handgun.

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The Fabulous Fauci Lends His Expertise On All Things To The DOT Traffic Control Division

Fauci ties gun violence to a public health issue | Fox News

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