After Ex-FBI Agent Indicted For Perjury And Evidence Tampering St. Louis Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner Who Filed Lawsuit Alleging “racist conspiracy” Against Her By White Police Is Accused “of sweeping misconduct”

After Ex-FBI agent William Tisaby indicted for perjury and evidence tampering, St. Louis Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner and police “racist conspiracy” theorist is accused of “of sweeping misconduct in… failed prosecution” by Missouri’s chief legal disciplinary officer.

The disciplinary action against Gardner follows the 2019 indictment of her former chief investigator in the case, ex-FBI agent William Tisaby, on seven felonies alleging he committed perjury and evidence tampering during the Greitens probe.

BREAKING: Soros-Funded St Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner …

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, one of the early local prosecutors bankrolled by liberal megadonor George Soros since 2016, engaged in 62 acts of misconduct that resulted in 79 false representations during Greitens’ now-dismissed criminal prosecution, according to Chief Disciplinary Counsel Alan Pratzel’s memo obtained Wednesday by Just the News.

Last year St. Louis City saw its highest homicide rate in 50 years.

The Soros-funded Circuit attorney rejected several open-and-shut cases due to the fact that she believed local police officers were racists.

Missouri’s chief legal disciplinary officer accused St. Louis’ top prosecutor of sweeping misconduct in the failed prosecution of former Gov. Eric Greitens, saying she lied to judges in court filings and testimony, withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense, misled her own prosecution team and violated the constitutional right to a fair trial.


The lawsuit says the police union “has gone out of its way to support white officers…

Gardner may have knowingly allowed an employee of her office to commit perjury, but it’s the racist police who are out to get her.

Playing the race card is about all she had left to save her job.

St. Louis Prosecutor Alleges ‘Racist Conspiracy’ by Police, City Officials to Force Her from Office

By Rick Moran Jan 14, 2020

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, under investigation for wrongdoing, has filed suit under civil rights law alleging a “racist conspiracy” against the police and city officials for trying to remove her from office.

The lawsuit names the city of St. Louis; the St. Louis Police Officers Association;  the police union’s business manager, Jeff Roorda; and Gerard Carmody, a special prosecutor who indicted an investigator hired by Gardner, among others.

That investigator, former FBI agent William Tisaby, was indicted for perjury after lying on a deposition relating to former Governor Eric Greitens, who resigned after it was discovered he took a nude photo of his mistress without her consent. Gardner hired Tisaby, a private investigator, rather than working with police to investigate the former governor.

Gardner is also under investigation for being complicit in Tisaby’s crimes.

Fox News:

In her lawsuit, Gardner cites St. Louis’ “long history of racial inequality and prejudice in its criminal justice system generally, and within its police force particularly.”

She said the police union and others “have mobilized to thwart” her efforts to reform the city’s justice system by “the unprecedented appointment of a white, ethically conflicted Special Prosecutor” in an effort to oust her.

The lawsuit says the police union “has gone out of its way to support white officers accused of perpetrating acts of violence and excessive force against African American citizens.” It cites Roorda’s support of Darren Wilson, the white officer who was not charged but resigned after fatally shooting Michael Brown, a black teenager, in nearby Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

The police force is about 30 percent black, with a black police commissioner. Like all urban police forces, it has come under fire for its racial policies. But to allege — and prove — conspiracy is a stretch.


Attorney General William Barr referred to Gardner and her fellow left-wing prosecutors as “Soros-backed crusaders” who threaten the rule of law. According to Kim, this type of lawsuit is unprecedented and will be the first time a city prosecutor has brought a federal lawsuit against her own city and the police union.

Gardner’s ploy appears to be working — as she knew it would.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

A day after Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner filed a federal lawsuit alleging a racist conspiracy against her, prosecutors from across the nation converged here to show support for the embattled St. Louis prosecutor.


Protect Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner IS St. Louis’s elected Circuit Attorney. She just won re-election with over 60% of the vote with her platform and proven history of holding police accountable for misconduct and ending mass incarceration.

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